February 3, 2017

Direct Access Certified Physical Therapy

Your Access to physical therapy does not always require a prescription from a physician. You can often get the treatment you need without waiting!

Direct Access Physical Therapy in PA

This treatment option, known as “Direct Access,” took effect in October 2004 when the Pennsylvania Board of Physical Therapy first certified specially-qualified physical therapists like Joseph C. Miller, PT, DPT, SCS to evaluate and treat certain common conditions. Under this option, treatment may continue for up to 30 days from the date of your first visit. Should you require treatment beyond this initial period then you must obtain approval from a physician. Because Joe is a Board-Certified Clinic Specialist in Sports Medicine, he can also evaluate your injury and direct you to the best orthopedic care and/or treat any sports injury that you may suffer from.

As a result of the “Direct Access” option, you can avoid the wait often associated with scheduling an appointment with a physician. Waiting delays treatment and healing while allowing your muscles to stiffen or scar tissue to develop. Due to either or both, you may suffer a loss of mobility and potentially increase your risk of further injury. So, ask us how this option may benefit you and help you get physical therapy quicker.

For additional information on the “Direct Access” option
we recommend reviewing information provided by
the American Physical Therapy Association.